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Warren Buffett 2016 Shareholder Letter – Dated February 25, 2017: Executive Summary and Analysis

You can find Warren Buffett's 2016 letter to shareholders at Berkshire Hathaway's website. He always publishes the letter in late February for the prior year's business. And it's always a treat, packed with classic folksy wisdom only Buffett can hand down. Buffett and his massive loyal following devour these letters as soon as they go live on the website. I kept hitting refresh in my browser the minutes leading up [...]

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Full Retirement Age is A Moving Target: Where Do You Fall?

The age at which you can claim Social Security at the full retirement age is increasing. This year, in 2017, those turning 62 will be able to claim full retirement benefits at 66 and 2 months. And every year after 2017 the full retirement age increases by 2 months per year all the way up to 2022 when it caps out at age 67. Here’s the breakdown: Year Born - [...]

Dividend Performance Indicator

The Dividend Performance Indicator (DPI) is the product of the dividend yield and dividend growth rate. The DPI is a good way to screen for potential dividend stock candidates. I use current dividend yield and the 5-year dividend growth rate. I also have a Modified Dividend Performance Indicator (MDPI) which gives more weight to dividend growth over current yield. It’s not as easy to calculate and as you probably know, [...]

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The Triad Portfolio

The Triad Portfolio Strategy (TPS) is a type of investment strategy that uses three different asset dimensions to lower risk while achieving the greatest return for that risk. The three different asset dimensions listed in the Triad Portfolio Strategy are: 1) Risk-Free Assets 2) Core Assets 3) Alternative Assets Genesis of The Triad Portfolio Strategy I’ve been investing for a long time. It’s been about 15 years since I purchased [...]

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Maximize My Social Security Review

Maximize My Social Security is an online software that allows you to compare the amount of Social Security you will receive using different claiming strategies. This article is an in-depth review of Maximize My Social Security. We review the software and also show you how to use it to maximize your Social Security. Executive Summary Maximize My Social Security is worth the $40 price tag to understand the best method and [...]

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