The Optimize Your Retirement Spreadsheet is a tool designed to allow you to accurately optimize all of your different asset classes including:

Social Security

401(k) / 403(b)

Pension Income (Defined Benefit Plans)

IRAs (Traditional & Roth)

Keogh Plans

Solo 401k


Employee Stock Ownership Plans

Profit-Sharing Plans

This spreadsheet was designed by a team of CPAs who’s sole purpose was to figure out how to Optimize Your Retirement. They looked at every possible scenario and came up with multiple algorithms that help you increase the benefits you receive while reducing your tax burden.

Everyone has a unique retirement situation, but everyone has to follow the same rules when it comes to retirement. Our job was to figure out the math of your specific retirement situation and issue you a report that shows you how to get hundreds more per month and tens of thousands more over your retirement.

Not only does this spreadsheet calculate your optimal retirement situation, it also generates a PDF report which shows you the steps you need to take to implement your plan.  

Clients see exactly how they can setup their accounts to get more and reduce their tax expense. For example, a client with a very high 401(k) balance may find it beneficial to withdrawal a 6% per year from age 63 – 67, then to reduce the percentage to 3 at age 68 while claiming Social Security benefits that same year.

Your optimal scenario will depend on a multitude of factors including but not limited to your:


Marital Status

Lifetime Income

Savings and Savings Vehicle

Tax Bracket

Employment Status

Retirement Goals

…and many more variables

Your Social Security representative can’t advise you on many of these items. They simply can’t tell you how to allocate your 401(k) or other assets. Your advisor may be giving you a holistic picture of your retirement but how do you know they’re accurate?

Accuracy is our mission and passion. Our team is expert in retirement, tax, and investing and we’re driven to meet your goals. We believe that you’ll find so much value in this product that you’ll be a raving fan and tell everyone you know.

You spend your whole life working hard, paying taxes, and saving for retirement. You deserve the most you can get out of it. The problem is, most people just retire when they think they can and claim Social Security the next day. That isn’t the right approach but it’s not their fault. The system is so complicated that there aren’t many people that know who to truly take advantage of it.

Downloading this spreadsheet will allow you to take control of your specific retirement situation.

Take the guess work out of 401(k) withdrawals, when to claim Social Security, and many other financial decisions.

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