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Beat The Taxman

Earned income is taxed at high rates while passive income is taxed at lower rates. You have to defer your earned income and strategically use passive losses in order to [...]

Claiming Social Security at 62

Claiming Social Security at 62 Figuring out when to claim Social Security is not easy. It involves work....the kind of work that most of us dread: calculations, age charts, what-if [...]

Social Security Income Limits

If you work and you receive Social Security at the same time, you may have some of your Social Security withheld if you make above the threshold: known as Social [...]

Your Money Is Always At Risk

“I don’t like to risk my money.” I hear this statement a lot when I talk to people about investing. I cringe when I hear this. Don’t get me wrong, [...]

How Much Do I Need To Retire?

You may have asked yourself: How much do I need to retire? It is one of the most common questions leading up to retirement and there are a few different [...]

10 Stocks For The Next 10 Years

Investing is all about the long term but many investors only focus on short term results. In fact, that's the mistake #4 on this article by Robert Stammers, Director of [...]

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