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Dividend Performance Indicator

The Dividend Performance Indicator (DPI) is the product of the dividend yield and dividend growth rate. The DPI is a good way to screen for potential dividend stock candidates. I [...]

The Triad Portfolio

The Triad Portfolio Strategy (TPS) is a type of investment strategy that uses three different asset categories to lower risk while achieving the greatest return for that risk. The three different [...]

Maximize My Social Security Review

Maximize My Social Security is an online software that allows you to compare the amount of Social Security you will receive using different claiming strategies. This article is an in-depth [...]

How Much Social Security Will I Get

Social Security is a huge part of your retirement plan so you need to ask yourself: How much Social Security will I get? Here’s the problem: there are over a dozen [...]

Retirement Plan: Tactics vs. Strategy

I recently read an article in the WSJ titled If You’re Behind on Retirement Savings, Here’s How to Catch Up. I couldn’t help but wonder - am I missing something? The [...]

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Best Real Estate Crowdsourced Investing Platform

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